Consular registration

On this page you will find all the information about your registration at the Consulate General.

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Registration of an infant

Are you expecting or does your question concern the registration of an infant? Specific information regarding the registration of infants is available here.

General guidelines

  • Registration in the consular registers is not obligatory, but it is the legal condition to enjoy the majority of consular services which the Embassy offers, amongst others:
    • eID (identity card)

    • Passport

    • Consular certificates

    • Registration of infants

    • ...

  • (!) The Embassy never receives administrative/personal information from the local (Norwegian/Icelandic) authorities of Belgian citizens. In retrospect, the Embassy never shares administrative/personal information of Belgian citizens to foreign authorities.
  • (!) The Embassy has no access to the Folkeregister (Norwegian Civil Records) or the Þjóðskrá Íslands (Icelandic Civil Registers). Therefore it is your own responsibility to provide the required documents/information when necessary.


  • Only Belgian citizens can be registered in the consular registers.
  • You are in the possession of a valid, long-term (1 year+) residence permit within the jurisdiction (Norway/Iceland) of the Embassy.

    (!) If your residence has not yet be regularized by the local authorities, you cannot register in the consular registers of the Embassy until then.
    Attention (Norway): A D-number is only a temporary personal number and does not count as residence permit.

  • You are no longer registered in the population registers of a Belgian commune.

    (!) Are you still registered in the population registers of a Belgian commune? Please contact the population services of the respective commune. Only when the commune has removed you from its population registers, can the Embassy register you in its consular registers.

    (!) Our advice: In absence of a valid residence permit, we recommend you to remain registered in the population registers of the commune until your residence situation in Norway/Iceland has been validated. In doing so you always keep an administrative contact point during the registration process, which can pan out over several months, at your disposition (nescessary to obtain travel-/identity documents).

  • The registration of minors requires the approval of both (!) parents or their legal guardians. In case of separation, proof of guardianship needs to be presented.

Procedure and required documents

The underneath listed documentst are to be forwarded by e-mail (attachments are in .pdf or .jpg format, with a total size of less than 6 MB). Alternatively, the original documents can be forwarded by post or presented in person (appointment required).

(!) All of the underneath listed documents are required and obligatory. If one or more documents are absent, the Embassy cannot process your application further until a complete application is made available.

  • Registration form

    (!) A seperate form, duly completed and signed, needs to be provided for each Belgian member of the family, including minors.

    (!) In case of minors, the form needs to be signed by both (!) parents or their legal guardian. Proof of guardianship is required if the parents are separated.

  • The "Model 8" (only for Belgian citizens migrating directly from Belgium). The model 8 confirms that you are no longer registered in the population registers of a Belgian commune. If you are no longer in possession of your model 8, you can always obtain a new version at your last Belgian commune of residence.

    Belgian citizens currently registered in the consular registers of another Belgian embassy/consulate do not need to present the model 8. The Embassy will request the transfer of your personal file.

  • Proof of identity (eID or passport, even if expired).

    (!) Are you no longer in the possession of your eID/passport, the loss needs to be declared to DOCSTOP and the local police.

  • Proof of legal residence within the jurisdiction of the Embassy for each Belgian citizen to be registered:

    (!)  The document needs to mention your current address.


    • Bostedsattest (Folkeregister)

    • Underretnung om registrert flytting (Folkeregister)

    • Registreringsbevis (Norwegian police. Please note, the registreringsbevis is a document that's only provided upon initial registration in Norway. If the mentioned address on the document no longer corresponds, it loses its usefulness).


  • Registration form and, if applicable, proxy form (only if you opt to vote by proxy) for the federal & European elections (obligatory)

    (!) The obligation to vote also applies for Belgian citizens registered in the consular registers.

    (!) The choice of commune is not free, the conditions are sorted in descending order. For the majority of Belgian citizens, the first condition applies.

    (!) If you opt to vote by proxy, the perrson you choose must be resident in your commune of choice in the above registration form. Said individual can hold only one proxy

  • Optional: Your written approval to be added to our mailing list for non-consular events (receptions, cultural events, etc...). Without your written consent, due to the GDPR, the Embassy cannot use your contact info for such purposes.

After your registration, your responsibility:

Once registered in the consular registers, The Embassy is to remain informed of the following:

  • Your current address (see further)
  • Your civil status, by means of an original extract, legalized by means of an apostille, of the respective act. For exemple: birth -, mariage -, divorce -, adoption act or change of name
  • Composition of family (birth, separation, death)
  • Any procedure affecting your nationality
  • Your departure from our jurisdiction
  • Your contact information (e-mail, phone number)

Change of address

Have you moved recently? This is to be communicated to the Embassy by means of an official proof by the local authorities, confirming the new address. Please forward us a scan of one of the underneath listed documents:


  • Bostedsattest (order here)
  • Underretnung om Registrert Flytting (info)