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Identity card


The Belgian eID is obligated for all Belgian citizens above the age of 12. For more information on (the use of) the eID, please consult the webpage of the Department of Home Affairs (only available in Dutch/French/German). The eID is available under the following conditions:

  • You are a Belgian citizen.
  • The eID is available as of the age of 12.
  • You are registered in the consular registers of the Embassy.
  • Since 01/2015 Kids-ID's are available for children under the age of 12.


The eID/Kids-ID can be ordered in person or by mail. Personal visit is not required.

  • You fill in the application form, in twofold. Attention! The signature must remain within the allocated space!
  • For the Kids-ID, the respective application form is required, in twofold.
  • Two pass photo's are required, recent and in colour and of undisputable quality. Should the photo's not comply to the strict conditions of the production centre, your application will be refused. A possible refusal immediately implies a delay of several weeks.
  • A proof of payment is to be provided. Payment is to be executed by transfer (see further under paragraph "cost of an eID/Kids-ID")
  • If you wish to receive your new passport by post, the passport must, for security reasons, be sent by recommended mail. You provide the additional cost in your payment (see further under paragraph "cost of an eID/Kids-ID").
  • Your old ID-card must be returned. If you are no longer in the possession of your ID-card, you are to report the loss/theft of your ID at your local police office. A copy of the police report is to be added to your application. It is also in your best interest to contact DOCSTOP.

Cost of an eID/Kids-ID

As of 15/11/2019 the prices are as following:

  • eID (validity of 10 years) - 210 NOK
  • Kids-ID (validity of 2 years) - 105 NOK

As of 01/07/2019 optional recommended courrier costs 165 NOK for Norway, 215 NOK for Iceland.

The payment is done by transfer:

IBAN - NO30 7032.05.56706

Alternatively, payment by card is possible when lodging your application in person.

Attention: as of 01/11/2017 cash is no longer accepted. Thank you for your understanding.


At least 4-6 weeks after application, excluding shipment by post.