Embassy and Consulates of Belgium in Norway and Iceland



  • General guidelines
  • Payment methods
  • Rates

General guidelines

  • The currency is Norwegian Kroner. Other currencies are not accepted.
  • The Embassy currently maintains a no-cash policy.
  • The rates charged for the recommended mail are determined by the Norwegian Postal Service.

Payment methods

Payment is possbile:

  • by preference, by transfer

    Norway: 7032.05.56706
    International: IBAN - NO30 7032 05 56706; BIC/SWIFT - DNBANOKKXXX

    ATTENTION: Always provide a proof of payment for any transaction (f. ex. screenshots).

  • by bank card; during a personal visit.

Rates of the Consular Services

Identity- and travel documents

- Passport      
  + Adult(18+) 855.00 NOK
  + Minor(-18) 399.00 NOK
  + Temporary Passport (1 month) 114.00 NOK
  + Temporary passport (1 year)


- eID   228.00 NOK
- Kids-ID   114.00 NOK
- ETD * Not available to Belgian citizens 114.00 NOK
IMPORTANT: Due to security reasons, ID- and travel documents can only be send by recommended envoy. The rates for postal services are listed underneath.

Consular certificates

- Consular certificate of Residence 228.00 NOK
- Consular certificate of Nationality 228.00 NOK
- Consular certificate of Civil Status 228.00 NOK
- Consular certificate of Family Composition 228.00 NOK
- Certificate of No-Marriage-impedement (AGHB/CNEM) 228.00 NOK
- Certificate of Life (Belgian citizens only)


- Act of Nationality 228.00 NOK
- Act of Civil Status 228.00 NOK
- Notarial Deed
1140.00 NOK


- Legalization of a signature
228.00 NOK

Postal services

Recommended envoy within Norway. 170,00 NOK
Recommended envoy to Iceland (or within Europe)
Disclaimer: The rates of the postal services are issued by the Norwegian Postal Service. The rates may vary depending on the size of the package (Ref. Posten.no)