Financial sponsorship

On this page, you will find all the information about financial sponsorship.

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Who is eligible to take on sponsorship?

For specific and detailed information regarding your eligibility as a sponsor, we revert to the information available on the Office of Immigration.

In short:

  • The sponsor must be a single, natural and adult individual. This means the sponsor cannot be a combination of individuals or a company.
  • The royal decree of 13/10/2021 limits potential sponsors residing in Norway and Iceland of a student in Belgium to family members up to the third decree of the respective student.

    Exception: This does not apply if the sponsor is a citizen/resident of Belgium or another EU member state. Norway/Iceland are not members of the EU, but EEA.

    The family bond up to the third degree must be proven via authentic and legalized official documents (eg. legalized birth certificates, written confirmation by the national authorities confirming the family bond in detail, etc…).

    For a document to be considered legalized it must either be legalized by (1) an apostille if the country of origin is member of The Hague Convention or (2) the Embassy of Belgium responsible for the country of origin of the document if said country is not a The Hague Convention member.
  • The sponsor needs sufficient income from, and only from, professional activities:
    • Your income must cover at least, for a single student, the monthly sum of 2.851,53 EUR net. Practically, this entails locally 34.218,36 NOK (Norway) or 424.073.19 ISK (Iceland) net per month.

      Please note that these amounts are reevaluated consistently over fixed periods of time by the Office of Immigration (base sum in EUR) and the FPS Foreign Affairs (consular currency rate NOK/ISK).

      As proof of sufficient income:
      • Employed: Your three latest salary slips and your employment contract proving that your employment will last throughout the academic year.
      • Self-employed: Proof by the public administration (Norway/Iceland) confirming sufficient net revenue per month. Only evidence by the public administration can be accepted.

 In absence of sufficient proof or presence of reasonable doubt of the family bond or sufficient income, the sponsorship will be refused.

General guidelines

  • The engagement of financial sponsorship requires a PERSONAL visit, based on a prior appointment to the Embassy in Oslo.
  • The engagement of financial sponsorship is to be signed by, and only by, the  Ambassador or, in his/her absence, his/her appointed replacement. Therefore, in the event of a visit without appointment, the Embassy reserves itself the right to refuse this service.
  • Whilst the document itself is free of charge, your signature, as a sponsor, needs to be legalized. The legalization of your signature comes at a consular tax (See rates).
  • The student will require the original, legalized sponsorship document as part of his/her visa application. It’s the sponsor’s own responsibility to deliver the document to the student.

Required documents

  • Form Annex 32 (Dutch (PDF, 326.43 KB) / French (PDF, 328.59 KB) only)
    Reminder: The document can only be signed at  the Embassy. If you sign the document before your appointment, you’ll have to fill in a new version.
  • Original certified copy of the student’s passport. The student is to present his/her passport to his respective authorities for a certified copy. This certified copy in its original form needs to be presented at the Embassy.

    Scans or copies of the certified copy will not be accepted.

  • Proof of family bond, if applicable (ref. info royal decree 13/10/2021).

  • Proof of income, in specific:
    • If employed: three latest salary slips, joined by written confirmation by the employer that the work contract is at least one academic year.
    • If self-employed: a document by the Norwegian/Icelandic authorities stating the monthly/yearly netto/bruto income.
  • If the financial sponsorship concerns a student, proof of admission to a Belgian educational institution.
  • As a sponsor you need to present your national ID document (.e.g. passport, ID-card).

Processing time

Assuming your application is complete, the legalized document will be, after being signed and legalized, returned to you immediately. Appointments depend on the availability of the Ambassador or his/her appointed replacement.


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